Sustainability strategy

Where do you stand?

So that you know where you stand, we conduct as-is and benchmarking analyses. Together, we examine the requirements of your stakeholders and regulatory developments that affect you. What are your fields of action and what do you want to achieve?

What are your fields of action and what do you want to achieve?

We find answers to important and complex questions: How do you as a company define sustainability for your actions? Where do you want to be in 5, 10, 15 years? What is your ambition? What are the focus topics you want to work on? What are your concrete goals and how can their implementation succeed? We accompany the identification or revision of your material topics (materiality analysis) and translate them into fields of action with concrete goals, appropriate measures and measurable indicators. Especially when talking about concrete goals and corresponding KPIs, it quickly becomes clear which trade-offs and barriers you will face in the implementation. In order to balance these, an honest exchange and joint decisions are needed. In an age characterized by a longing for meaning, finding a strong purpose is becoming increasingly important for companies. Purpose and strategy must be consistent.

Alignment with the future

Our sustainability consulting approach:

1. Determination of
the right fields of action

2. Development of a vision and strong "purpose”

3. Introduction of a sustainability management

4. Anchoring the sustainability strategy in your corporate culture

5. Measurement of progress and communication of success

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