Consistently sustainable

Why are sustainable supply chains important?

The opportunities for responsible supply chain management are manifold: image improvement, efficiency increase or compliance with regulations. We support you in creating transparency in the supply chain in order to identify risks and derive appropriate measures. Legal requirements such as the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (Lieferkettensorgfaltspflichtengesetz - LkSG) and international standards provide a new framework for companies' due diligence obligations. We help you to translate the innovations into your corporate context and to take action.

Do you want to future-proof your supply chain management and cultivate strong partnerships?

To bring positive change to the supply chain, we engage all stakeholders along the supply chain. We motivate significant stakeholders to use resources consciously.

The textile supply chain is complex: we offer support in selecting suppliers and can draw on our active network in Europe and Asia.

We find the right supplier for each product group - in terms of environmental and social standards as well as quality. Responsible purchasing practices are a natural component for us.

Success needs powerful partners

Four steps to efficiently achieve a sustainable supply chain:





Our sustainability consulting approach:

1. Determination of
the right fields of action

2. Development of a vision and strong "purpose”

3. Introduction of a sustainability management

4. Anchoring the sustainability strategy in your corporate culture

5. Measurement of progress and communication of success

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