Our expertise

Our expertise

Synergy and sympathy:
We are Double Change Makers

According to the motto 1 + 1 > 2, we offer extensive expertise and a synergy of sustainability and industry expertise as well as many years of experience. We are motivated to transform the fashion industry and see ourselves as change makers in the textile industry. The complex challenges can best be met with a diverse team with very different focuses and expertise. We complement each other perfectly and enjoy moving things forward together. Through our synergetic and "sympathetic" cooperation, something new can arise.

In addition, we draw on a broad network - we believe that knowledge becomes more when it is shared.

Our excellent qualifications make us an impulse pioneer for your individual requirements. We achieve this by being highly motivated and passionate about what we do. This is the only way we can successfully meet challenges and demanding situations.

With our work, we contribute to making the textile industry more sustainable and enabling all of us to have a future worth living.

"Sustainability is only successfully anchored if it is integrated into the thinking, activities and processes in the company."

Stella Blohmke

  • More than ten years of diverse and cross-industry experience in the field of sustainability
  • Positions at the auditing firm PwC (Sustainability Services) and the management consultancy Ramboll (Strategic Sustainability Consulting), at the ESG rating agency oekom research (now ISS ESG) as well as in research and teaching at the Chair of Corporate Sustainability Management (University of Nuremberg)
  • Experience in supporting companies on regulatory requirements and their long-term strategic orientation as a project manager
  • Many years of expertise in analyzing, improving and setting up structures for sustainability reporting, in the audit and review of non-financial information (DAX 30, SMEs) and due diligence processes (e.g. human rights)
  • Experience in the coordination of project teams, in the conception and implementation of workshops, keynote speeches and trainings, training as a business coach

From niche to mainstream

When I started at the Munich-based ESG rating agency oekom research in 2012, where I was evaluating companies on the basis of sustainability criteria as an analyst, I was part of a niche and the question for many was still, whether this trend would prevail. Today, addressing sustainable economic models has become a question of survival for companies.

Already in my studies, I was concerned with the major global issues: sustainable development, global inequality, economic theory and history. After more than ten years of professional (and private) involvement with the topic of "sustainability", I am sometimes frustrated and feel a kind of fatigue, like many of my former colleagues. But I have to keep reminding myself that although, overall, far too little has happened so far, I am part of a movement that is still unfolding its full potential, because: The great transformation is just ahead of us.

I have been working as a management consultant since 2016, first at the auditing firm PwC in the Sustainability Services division and most recently at the Danish management and engineering consultancy Ramboll in the Strategic Sustainability Consulting division. As a consultant and auditor, I have gained exciting insights into how sustainability and change ambitions are handled, especially at DAX 30 and very large companies.

With my experience in supporting companies, through the many conversations and impressions I have gained, I know that although certain structures, processes and their successful management are a prerequisite for implementing sustainability efforts, the attitude and thinking of the people who implement and drive these processes is the decisive factor for long-term success and acceptance within the company.

With THINK KYBELE we start here. We accompany the implementation of the necessary steps with a strong focus on ensuring that all participating stakeholders understand their purpose and can identify with them.

Valéa Vadaleau

  • 15+ years of accomplished experience in the apparel industry in product management, purchasing and sourcing.
  • Stations at one of the largest fashion retailers in Germany, at a brand and in setting up a sourcing office in Hong Kong and Bangladesh
  • Dedicated leader, Strong passion and intensive experience in building departments.
  • Many years of experience abroad in China, intercultural competences especially in Asia
  • Large network and close cooperation with suppliers in Asia and Europe with corresponding ecological and social standards.

From a passion for fashion to a vocation for sustainability.

With my many years of experience and passion, I would like to make my contribution to making the textile industry a little better. I see myself as a trailblazer towards the goal of sustainability and fair production conditions becoming the rule worldwide.

From the bottom up and then around the world - that's how you could sum up my career in the fashion industry. My starting point was my training as a retail specialist. The spark was ignited and from then on I was hooked on the world of fashion. Studying fashion and design management was the logical next step.

This was followed by more than ten years at Peek & Cloppenburg KG and its subsidiaries. During this time, I acquired extensive knowledge in two elementary areas, product management and procurement. Thanks to numerous international trips to production sites and suppliers, I gained an excellent insight into manufacturing standards and how to deal with the issue of sustainability. sustainability. To deepen my skills in sourcing and production, I went to Hong Kong. There, I set up the sourcing office for Peek & Cloppenburg KG, hired employees and created structures for the office on my own responsibility. I also managed the sourcing and business development teams and was responsible for the entire supply chain.

Along the way, a large, high-quality network of suppliers was created, which is still alive today.

The last two years of my employee career I was responsible for the entire purchasing of the OPUS and someday brands at Simplicity GmbH as "Head of Buying". At the same time I managed the Quality Control Team and was allowed to push the issue of sustainability on the product.

As a result, my qualifications go far beyond the technical. I think entrepreneurially, holistically and act proactively in the interests of the cause. In addition, I have a high level of understanding and motivation for the area of sustainability in textiles.

Our sustainability consulting approach:

1. Determination of
the right fields of action

2. Development of a vision and strong "purpose”

3. Introduction of a sustainability management

4. Anchoring the sustainability strategy in your corporate culture

5. Measurement of progress and communication of success

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