Product & circular economy

You want to know the ecological impact of your product better or find out which materials are ecologically valuable?

Sustainability starts in product design. We advise on the selection of sustainable materials and corresponding standards. The basis of recyclable products are high-quality raw materials. To this end, we work with you to examine the entire life cycle of your products: From raw material extraction, production and sales to use and disposal. Together with you, we aim at the end of a linear economy. The idea behind circular economy is quite simple: think about the aftermath beforehand. Implementing this idea is much more complex. Through the EU Textile Strategy for Sustainable and Recyclable Textiles, companies are required to minimize their CO2 and environmental footprint. We help you translate the innovations into your business context and get into action.

Wondering which is the right certification for your products?

We guide you in implementing appropriate and credible certifications. We guide you through the jungle of certifications and offer clarity by making a sensible choice while weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the respective seals.

Furthermore, we support you and your company in developing ideas for alternative business models and sustainable products.

Clean input = Clean output

Our sustainability consulting approach:

1. Determination of
the right fields of action

2. Development of a vision and strong "purpose”

3. Introduction of a sustainability management

4. Anchoring the sustainability strategy in your corporate culture

5. Measurement of progress and communication of success

KYBELE · Sustainability Consulting