Our Vision

"Sustainability is only successfully anchored, if it is integrated into the thinking, activities and processes in the company."

Our Vision

We want to change the way we think. This is the key to action.

THINK KYBELE stands for the vision of changing the thinking and actions of business leaders in the textile industry with the aim of a world in which humans and nature see themselves as one. What will the world look like in 10, 15, 20 years and what role do you want to play today in order to exist tomorrow? Which approaches make sense, how can we think in terms of regenerative, circular business models?

Sustainability is only successfully anchored if it is integrated into the thinking, activities and processes in the company. We want to initiate change processes in the textile industry in which business is in harmony with the well-being of all people and the regeneration of nature. The only way to do this is to rethink.

Clothing should regain its value, be durable and recyclable. KYBELE accompanies organizations on their way to becoming sustainable or regenerative players. We work on strategies, processes and implementation. We are sparring partners and mentors, trainers and motivators.

Holistic sustainability expertise meets textile industry know-how

Holistic sustainability expertise meets textile industry know-how

Your Double Change Maker advantage

Our sparring approach is inspired by the idea of empowerment, as we believe that knowledge should be built within the company in order to have a long-term impact. We see ourselves as a source of structure and impulses. In doing so, we combine the critical view from the outside with empathy for and understanding of the complexity in organizations. We see ourselves as part of your ecosystem.

By coaching your top management and empowering employees to become sustainability officers, we ensure that your organization lives the topic of sustainability. The goal is: We make ourselves superfluous. Through knowledge building, training and motivation - so that the topic of sustainability reaches the heartbeat of your organization and for the vision of a world in which we all want to live. We make sure that your company does not become superfluous - but that we make ourselves superfluous.

Stella knows the relevant standards in the sustainability debate, Valéa the pain in the concrete implementation in the supply chain and on the part of the brands.


In Greek mythology, "Cybele" is, among other things, a symbol of the life-generating power of nature. The love for nature and the dream of our own business in harmony with nature and humans connects us.

For us, this is the perfect name for our mission – to accompany the players in the textile industry on their way to a sustainable transformation.

Our sustainability consulting approach:

1. Determination of
the right fields of action

2. Development of a vision and strong "purpose”

3. Introduction of a sustainability management

4. Anchoring the sustainability strategy in your corporate culture

5. Measurement of progress and communication of success

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